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At VeeKoo Asian Cuisine, we believe that a true Asian restaurant would not be complete without Japanese food. Our service provides Berwyn, PA with one of the only restaurants that serves multiple types of family style Asian cuisine. Although we offer a full menu of traditional Chinese dishes, you will also feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant!

Within the art of Japanese food creation, it is vital to keep beauty in mind. Our chefs pay close attention to aesthetics when it comes to their work at VeeKoo Asian Cuisine. They ensure that what you are consuming is appealing to both the palate and the eye.

We start with one of the most important foundations- the rice. What many people do not know is that improperly cooked rice can ruin a sushi dish. As a part of the Li Family tradition, our chefs guarantee proper cohesion and moistness when it comes to our rice.

The fish is equally as vital to a pleasant Japanese restaurant experience. Although Berwyn, PA is not located on the ocean shore, we guarantee freshness with all of our seafood products. When choosing a Japanese restaurant, freshness can sometimes be a health concern. You can rest assured that our team of experts will serve you and your family healthy, properly refrigerated seafood and produce.

Lastly, affordability is a part of our core belief that everyone should be able to enjoy tasty, filling Asian cuisine. Within our extensive menu of lunch specials, we offer a Bento Box option. The box is served with a special house salad, miso soup, a California Roll, rice, and your choice of meat or tofu for just over ten dollars! Our meat selection includes: Chicken Teriyaki, Steak Teriyaki and Salmon Teriyaki.

Our skilled team of sushi artists works diligently at the sushi bar to create a fun and delicious experience for you and your family. Look no further for fresh, beautiful Japanese food. Stop in to enjoy an authentic Japanese restaurant flavor served by our skilled team of Asian cuisine experts!